Are you fond of watching television? Do you like movies, TV shows or series? But your problem is that you missed out all of your favourite television shows during the week due to conflict on schedule or simply you forgot to watch that one particular show. Today, that is not a problem anymore. There is now a certain device which allows someone to watch a missed television show. It allows you to watch television programs or movies, anytime for free.

It simply called Hulu. Sound interesting? Yes, we were also excited when we heard that because it had no actual meaning in the English language. The company decided to create a unique experience that is both worthy of remarkable and defies easy comparison because according to them, having a name with no direct definition is different. Set out to have a relatively short and easy to pronounce name for practical purposes is very appealing.

Hulu is a website and over the top subscription services that offered advertisement supported on demand streaming video. Such video streaming were TV shows, movies, web episodes and other new media like movie trailers, clips, and behind the scenes footage from different international famous television networks and many other studios. The primary meaning of Hulu came from Mandarin which is used in an ancient Chines proverb. The meaning pertains to the holder of precious things in which the company makes this as their mission.

Interactive recording is its secondary meaning. Hulu's missions were both hollowed and relevant to its two definitions.
Hulu is a joint venture and partnership with different television production and broadcasting companies. Users located in US, overseas territories and Japan currently offered Hulu videos wherein its format is in flash video format. With this flash video format, many films & shows are included. For other websites, they also provide services like web syndication services.

Hulu started its venture back in 2007 with limited websites such as Myspace, MSN, Yahoo, and Facebook as the planned initial distributor partners.  In the late 2007, when the website went live, it was only that time that the name Hulu was chosen. This is in accordance with the announcement only whrein there is no content yet at all when it was broadcasted. They just invited users to leave their email addresses for the upcoming launching. Hulu syndication network was the first product designed and launched with the teamwork of NBC universal who designed and developed it. With this, several new content providers made additional material available for all of the consumers in which the company signed deals.